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Share More Photos of YOURSELF and Watch Your Audience Trust You More | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

If you have product based business, you are probably posting tons of the actual product or showing clients enjoying the product. But what about YOU? True story, as amazing as my clients are and their images are A1 and my audience loves when I share them, I get MAD love when I post images of myself! Crazy right, but true!

When you share yourself, your story or behind the scenes of yourself in your element, your audience freaking gets a kick out of it and want more. WHY SWAY? I believe its because they feel more of a personal connection to the person behind the camera, the person behind the product or service. They get to know the real you by connecting a face with a title and it makes it a tad bit easier to trust you.

I’m no psychologist and definitely no mathematician but there is proof in results and power in numbers!

When planning out your content, be sure to include some images of you working, interacting with clients and friends, a book you’re enjoying or a favorite drink. This associates similar interests and draws in your people!


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