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Enhance your visibility,


elevate your brand


Drop the struggle of trying to piece together how to perfectly highlight you and your brand.


And get a custom strategy for ground-shaking brand images that reflect who you are on and offline and how you show up to the table.

You can stop limiting your reach and level up your brand’s visibility so that ideal clients see that they need you and wouldn’t dare miss the chance to work with you.

it's about time you...

Ditched the constant guessing game of what’s the perfect pose or placement to get 100 likes and pivoted your focus on capturing what aligns with your audience’s needs

Eliminated the need to recycle old images that don’t captivate the authenticity of your brand and lack relevance and start having photos with a purpose

Avoid spending countless hours and multiple tries on capturing the “perfect” shot and implement a custom strategy and goal in mind

Upgraded from iPhone selfies and filter-focused photos to professional photography that strategically positions and enhances your brand


Became intentional about being a high-value brand and the process on what it takes to show that


"Shekeidra has been such an asset to my brand. Not only is she a great photographer, but how she has this was this way of making you feel comfortable and secure during your sessions with her. Another thing I appreciate about her is her approachable personality. She gets the job done while also making you feel like you’re hanging with your best friend at the same time. Love her!"




You’re      for
your next branding session if…..

You haven’t had branding images in over 6+ months or possibly...ever

You’ve bossed up and decided to pivot into serving a new audience with fresh faces and gearing up for a rebrand with a new focus or niche.


You’re updating your content and messaging, let’s make sure the images match!

Your current photos are stale, dull, unprofessional, and miss capturing the attention of the ideal client you desire to attract

The strategy behind your images is MIA in order to ignite the spark between you and your ideal audience leading to conflict and confusion

You’re accustomed to hiding behind what your offer and your DIY graphics which causes you to constantly go unseen because you are unfamiliar and unknown to your audience

"After an exhaustive look for a BLACK Woman photographer to capture my new brand photos, I found Shekeidra. She had a tight window in which to work with me and she got it done. We did branding style layouts as well as discussed every shot focus. Her processes before shooting was exactly what my team wanted. She showed up the day of shooting ready! She used every bit of the space we shoot in, I didn’t see what she saw and that made my shoot on point. She’s fire! She’s professional. She’s gifted with a camera. She’s the one."



And if you’ve ever doubted it, let me remind you…..

You’re something like a BIG DEAL  and it’s time you were seen that way.

I get it. Visually showing up as the expert can seem daunting, intimidating, and even overwhelming. But the continuous struggle of creating content without intentional images that should sync with the message you’re trying to translate is worse.


Making unkept promises isn’t my thing but I guarantee your session won’t be complete until I capture every shot that visually positions you as the dynamic powerhouse you are all while having a crap load of fun and you leave with a subscription refill of confidence.

are you ready?

It goes a little something like this…..







During our chat, we’ll discuss your ideas and vision for your branding session + determine if we are a match made in heaven.

After our discovery call, you’ll receive further details and access to secure your upcoming session by submitting your retainer payment.

We’ll set a meeting time to collaborate and construct a thought-out game plan and strategy for your brand shoot including the details of your arranged content, wardrobe, ideal location(s), makeup, must-have shots, etc.





Now is your time to shine. Be prepared to show up and show out with clarity! On shoot day, we’re coming with high focus and energy while valuing the time we have together to get the job done.

Once your brand shoot is complete, you will go through the selection process of choosing the images you would like to be edited and retouched. Go ahead and pop a bottle, it's time to celebrate you showing up like the go-to expert you are!


Do it like the Migos and

walk it like you talk it


The Mini


Anchor 1

This collection is perfect for clients seeking images for less image focused projects (one page website, landing pages, launch announcements, headshots)​. 

  • brand consultation + visual strategy call

  •  session prep guide

  • 1 hour session

  • professional makeup for 1

  • 10 high res images 

*payment plan available*


The Deluxe Collection is perfect for those that want to shoot up 6 months of content in a day, rebranding, team shoots and groups up to 6 individuals.

  • brand consultation + visual strategy call

  • session prep guide

  • 4+ hour session, option for multiple locations

  • professional makeup for 1

  • 40+ retouched high resolution images 


The Signature Collection


This collection is a client favorite. Ideal for a 1st time brand session, brand refresh, and rebranding. 

  • brand consultation + visual strategy call

  • session prep guide

  • 2 hour session

  • makeup application for 1

  • 25 high res images 


The Deluxe   Collection


*payment plans available*

*payment plans available*

We’re the                 fit if…


You are a entrepreneur or establishing your personal brand within a company and have clarity about your message and what you offer but you need optimal images to sync with it

You’re backed by a delegated team, a momentum-building solopreneur or establishing your own personal brand

You’re intentional about your time and understand the value and importance behind showing up to the table ready to deliver and being seen and known on and offline


You’re ready to shift your focus from quantity to quality and become a high-value woman about her business and look like it

You want to visually level up and make the investment in branding photography that will set you apart from the crowd and attract clients you can’t wait to serve

Your messaging and offers are clear, you just need images that strategically communicate how and why you are the best to serve your ideal client

You’ve worked with a brand designer and have visual needs to strategically pair with your new brand design

We’re not  the perfect fit if…

You have no clear message or offers and don’t know how to communicate to your ideal client 

You are all over the place with brand ideas  versus knowing what you want, how you want it

You’re not ready to commit and make the required investment 

You’re comfortable with cutting corners by using presets and filters or skipping out on editing by a professional who has the ability to make your images attractive and consistent