If you’re looking for quiet, serious and stuffy, I’m probably not your girl! I’m here for all the loud, spontaneous, belly laughing moments. I love capturing the kiddos run and jump. I’m here for the shy guys and the goofy girls.

HI! I’m Shekeidra, the S in S.Marche’

I’m an Atlanta based lifestyle portrait and branding photographer. I I can’t live without random, “I love You’s”, trail mix and socks to bed!

Proud 80’s baby!

I didn’t wake up like this:
Real talk I wanted to be a journalist who traveled the world interviewing people from a wide array of cultures and traditions. A far cry from the spontaneous mass communication streets I drove down to the medical field and ended up nurse… whew what a journey.

So how did I get here?

I honestly always had a camera because it’s just law to document, I mean you literally and figuratively do this life thing once. After the birth of my middle child, a relocation and my oldest beginning kindergarten, I honestly needed something to do. Something just for me.

My husband and I were having a conversation and he goes, “ you love photography, how about we start a business?” Mind you I didn’t even own a camera, heck I didn’t even know how to operate a DSLR cameraSo on a Thursday morning in May we sat at a Waffle House and found a Nikon D3500 on Ebay. I contacted the seller and ironically he was headed to sell the camera. He said if I could meet him 15 mins with $350, the camera was mine and the rest is history.

I didn’t fall into because I “hated” my job, it was just one of those things that called me to create and while creating I was filling my cup to pour into others.

You’ll more than likely find me being a serial researcher with sticky notes for days or crazy inspired by beautiful messes, graffiti walls and the dingiest of locations. They seriously bring out the most genuine, authentic masterpieces, their own special story.

You want to know what gets me to dancing the happy dance? When I see that beam of confidence pour in like I always knew was there. I love when women get bold and OWN who they are, proud to show and share what they do and get a kick out of doing it for others. If you need your own personal hype girl shouting, “ ayyyyyeee and yessssss !”and it brings out the boss babe in you…. sign me up!

I love the details, the natural light, the imperfect, the unexpected, the unnoticed, the real

I am the photographer for the beautiful people who are far from ordinary, the couple who request Nontraditional photos, the family who allows me in their home to photograph them while in their pjs making pancakes,the fun can't be stopped 3 year old, the fast running 5 year old who allows me to get in their jumpy house with him and his crazy friends, the bashful groom, the diva bride who is 1/2 drama, 100% fun.....

When I’m not shooting, I’m planning a getaway, reading a book or binging on Snapped or KUWTK.

I’m Shekeidra and I absolutely cant wait to hang out and capture you being YOU!