If you’re looking for quiet, serious and stuffy, I’m probably not your girl! I’m here for all the loud, spontaneous, belly laughing moments. I love capturing the kiddos run and jump. I’m here for the shy guys and the goofy girls.

HI! I’m Shekeidra, the S in S.Marche’

I am an artist, a creative, a counselor, a friend, and a singer ( in my mind and car)

I Feel like I have my stuff together when I'm walking the aisles of Target

I love the details, the natural light, the imperfect, the unexpected, the unnoticed, the real

I am the photographer for the beautiful people who are far from ordinary, the couple who request Nontraditional photos, the family who allows me in their home to photograph them while in their pjs making pancakes,the fun can't be stopped 3 year old, the fast running 5 year old who allows me to get in their jumpy house with him and his crazy friends, the bashful groom, the diva bride who is 1/2 drama, 100% fun.....

When I’m not shooting, I’m planning a getaway, reading a book or binging on Snapped or KUWTK.

I’m Shekeidra and I absolutely cant wait to hang out and capture you being YOU!