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Reinforcing your
visual brand story




For the iconic CEO and creative solopreneur, S. Marche is your go-to brand photographer that provides the ‘how’ behind the lens for you to visually reflect who you are and how you serve so that you can authentically operate in your position as the expert with high-quality, unmatched imagery, align with your people, and ditch being the hidden gem of your brand.

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You may be wondering…

“How can brand images help me generate more revenue in my business?”

“What’s the difference between capturing a few good shots on my iPhone and the need to invest for a real photoshoot with a professional? I mean, a photo is a photo, right?”

“How can I show up as the expert for my brand and business when I don’t even have the confidence that’s needed for the perfect, ideal photo?”



Backed by 9 years of capturing dope female entrepreneurs like you, my die-hard passion and purpose is taking your visual brand from 0 to 100.

I’m inspired and driven by bold, take-action women who show up for themselves and those that need them, despite what they face.


With countless experience, I understand the need to have brand images that attract the right people for your income and your reach to grow.

Hey girl,
I'm Shekeidra! 



Or you can consider me to be the woman with a strategy behind the lens and your very own personal hype girl.

Photography is my jam, but branding photography with strategy is my peanut butter!


Beyond what an iPhone can do, working with a professional brand photographer who understands the science of posing and composition helps you to tap into looking the part.


Just like you, I too have been in a place where I didn’t feel as badass and brave enough to be the face of my brand until I understood the power of having a custom strategy to help me show up.


As my consistency built behind the lens, so did my confidence in becoming the go-to brand photographer that was intentional about reinforcing every woman’s credibility and her position as the expert.


I’m ready to do the same for you.

When I’m not shooting, I’m planning a getaway with the hubby (minus the kids), getting lost in a book or weekend bingeing Snapped or Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

My secret gift, aside from capturing awesome women, like yourself, is being a dope wife and bomb mom who is master of all 7 meals, cool sister, amazing daughter, and supportive friend. I’m a Canon shooter with an undeniable love for natural light and forever inspired by bold and actionable women who show up for themselves and their families, scared and all.

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Things that make me do

my happy dance

90's R & B

What you can bet on


Delivering an unforgettable experience from start to beyond finish that you can tap into where you feel seen, heard, and ready to reveal the real you. You will be provided with the necessary support and guidance that goes beyond what you imagine, step by step.


Become aligned with your brand message so you can communicate effectively to the right people and not just tell it, but show it. This looks like showing it with brand images that are backed by a clear message and each image having a purpose to break through the static of what you’re trying to say.


The difference is made with a thought-out strategy, from wardrobe to posing, that will ignite the spark with your ideal client. Gain a custom strategy that is tailored to the transformation you bring so we can visually show just how impactful you and your offer are.

Sound like a good fit?

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