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Managing Expectations...Part ONE | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Here's the we perceive things, people, or our experiences is often not determined by how good or bad they are in absolute terms but how good or bad they are contrary to what we were expecting them to be.

If your Uber driver GPS says he will be outside in 5 minutes, you are expecting him at your doorstep in 5, however he still hasn't arrived by minute 8, you are LIVID, as to be expected, right?!

I am throwing in my 2 cents on the matter and why I feel it's extremely important in most if not all aspects of business, friendships and life.

1. Communication Rules the Nation

When things aren't communicated appropriately or even at all you leave a potential for a problem to erupt. If you have an idea, concern, question... by ALL means communicate it. If the person you are attempting to communicate with has an issue with communication, you are in for a long wrong of assumptions, voids and many balls dropped. And they may not be the best person to partner with, just a heads up.

2. Plan it Out

Write the vision, make it plain. If you have an idea, a plan of action is KEY. Take out the time to schedule a telephone conference or in person consultation to go over plans for the proposed project. This allows details to be laid out and expectations and rules to be established. When things are planned out , it's more efficient to review things that may need to be addressed and worked on.

3. Review On Routine

Take out time to schedule review sessions with your partner or team. This is an opportunity to check in to see what is and what is not working for the greater goal. These review sessions can be done monthly, quarterly, bi annually or annually. This can also be a time to review and revamp policies, pricing or whatever change anyone wants to propose.

4. Communicate Via Email ( for record purposes), On the Phone or In Person as much as possible.. NO text messages

While communication rules the nation, it's not always what you say but how you say it. Two individuals can have the same purpose and vision for a project but a different perspective on a portion of that project. So it's time to talk about it, but let's communicate appropriately.

Via Email- need to send a update, a plan... cool.. send it via email for record keeping purposes and attaching others to the message pool.

Via Phone- maybe you don't have the time to meet up in person, so a phone call is sufficient. Talk it out so tones can be explained and understood.

Via In Person- these meetings are the most effective. They rarely allow for tones and non verbal communication to be misconstrued. It's also the best way to face to face communicate so you are looking a person in their eyes and vibing to the beat.

Via text message... only to be used when communication that you are in a meeting (can't talk), running late or in route.. keep these messages rare and very brief....never discussing business or feelings.

**Don't make decisions while you are in a vulnerable state

When you're feeling unsure.. pause. Avoid making big decisions in a vulnerable state. By vulnerable I mean.. in need of clients, money or just want to do the project with a particular client. When you make such decisions you tend to get stuck in them and grow bitter and resentful. Take your time and continue to mend your craft.. your time and opportunity is coming.


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