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Pretty Pictures aren't enough, here's what else you need! | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

So you want pretty pics or pretty pics that position you to share, teach, influence and sell?

First of all, you can have both!

When you're doing your due diligence in gathering all the things and searching for the best photographer for your branding session I wanted to expound on what goes beyond just commissioning someone based on their portfolio.

Consider the photographer's niche

Do they shoot what you're looking for? If you're looking for a brand photographer, they'd need to understand your business and how it works and how they visually tell a story, big difference from a sports photographer.

Walk the walk

Do they invest in their branding visuals?Are they a product of the product? This is particular for a brand photographer because they've walked in your shoes before. They understand the entire process not because they've photographed it, but because they've actually been in front of the camera.

Do they have a strategy/plan to create what you need?

Strategy/resources/tips/guides? Ensuring a photographer has a streamline process in place to help you confidently plan and successfully execute your brand session. An intensive game plan saves tons of time your brand and makes sure you get what you need. Do overs and missed shots are for the birds.


What do they photograph? What do they post and showcase most of? Assume what you see is their best work, are you sold? This is key when identifying their sweet spot or what they are most vested in. don't see what you will like but still want to work with the photog, ask them if they have any galleries of what you're requesting.

The vibes, The Energy

Do you feel like you can have a good working relationship with them?Are they creative? Do they give direction? Will they hype you out of your awkwardness? Do they speak your fun language? Not only will you work together the day of the shoot, but in the initial and planning phase, shoot day of course, after the shoot and at the follow up.


Consider what you need in terms of amount of images, time it will take to create, etc? Do they have a package for your needs? Get a clarity of deliverables, timelines and expectations. Also ask about a maximum amount of clients they take a month/quarter to ensure they have capacity and bandwidth for your project.


Are YOU ready to commit to actively participating in the planning/prep phase with your photographer to cohesively plan to execute what you need to showcase and market to ultimately serve and sell. Yes you have to do some work other than show up on shoot day. This shoot involves your help to make sure it's a success, don't skimp on the small stuff!

What other things do you consider when booking someone other than pretty pictures? Tell me in the comments?

Ready for your branding session? Schedule a discovery call so we can get you on the books!


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