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Hey Girl...Let's Talk Social Media Etiquette | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Social media has been such a beautiful tool. We get to advertise, network and even meet our future spouses here. I mean it's genius and so personal. It's so personal that sometimes the internet thinks they know you all too well and don't have to still go by some natural house rules. This is especially LAW for doing business or approaching someone about a business inquiry.

Let's talk a few do's and don'ts that are LAW or as I'd like to call them….social media etiquette.

1.Don't flat out ask, "what are your prices?"

Well, hello, how are you doing today would be nice. It warms everyone soul when you come at them at least with a greeting, trust me! The greeting should be followed by...

" My name is___________. How are you today? I am emailing ( or writing) to inquire about your prices for ______ service. "

This can be done in your own words, but you get the picture!

2. DO introduce yourself, first and last name.

How else should I respond to you? I'm definitely not addressing you as sis, sweetie, boo, or chic! Ok, cool!

3. Don't message someone's DM if they have it in their profile to NOT message them through DM

So let's all agree that reading is fundamental and if someone has in their profile, Please NO DM'S, lets just respect that and hit them in the email so you can get your inquiry answered.

4. DO provide an email address so that your inquiry contact can respond back appropriately

Communicating through social media is cool but social media is not the stopping point. The clearest and most essential tool for communicating is through email. So be sure to leave that email so the communication is on point and clear.

5. DO Check out all the contact, email info. Most businesses respond quicker through email... no one lives on social media

Browse the social media profile for email contact.

ALL BUSINESSES should have a reliable email contact. Please don't make it hard for a client to PAY you!

6. DON'T comment under photos unless you are being NICE. No one wants your bad vibes and useless opinions.

7. Last of all, but certainly NOT least, DO Always, always credit the photographer (all of your vendors)

It's 2-0-1-9 and the oldest and best form of business has been and still is WORD OF MOUTH. If your vendor did the damn thing, shout them out, give them credit, share them so your friend can be popping TOO!


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