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Ready to level up your brand and have scroll-stopping imagery that reflects the real you?

It’s no doubt that the biggest flex is showing up as your authentic self in and for your business.


But, here’s the problem: you don’t know how and can even admit that you’re scared to. You’ve heard that your visual representation is a major key to looking your part in order to connect with your ideal audience.


But you keep missing the mark on how to just be you in front of a camera. If we’re honest, for far too long, you’ve downplayed yourself and placed limits on your brand’s visibility.


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Let’s keep it 100


Every step of the way, you’ve poured so much into your business just for it to go unseen.


It’s possible that you’re still out here in these streets with unmatched valuable content and no high-quality, brand imagery to sync it with.


You’ve struggled to visually show up in alignment with your brand’s mission because you’re missing the custom imagery that is, not only scroll-stopping but reflects who you are and how you serve. Why?



You need a strategy

Maybe you’re becoming seen and potentially securing the bag but not with the right audience or maybe you’re missing the mark on serving your ideal type of client because you don’t have clarity in your brand visibility.


It could be that you’re underestimating the power and influence that the visuals of your brand have on potential clients so not prioritizing it is what you’re used to.

the main attraction


by making your visual brand

Start captivating your ideal client

For so long, you’ve placed yourself and your brand’s visibility on the back burner.


Now, it’s time for you to fall in love with how you show up so people can fall in love with who you are.


With the right game plan, you can get excited about your signature process and let your images seal the deal to help visually position you as an authentic, confident go-to expert.


You can begin to align with the right audience that will no longer second-guess if you’re the right fit for them and where you won’t doubt it either.

You can be a boss      show up as one too


Serious question: If you’re not showing up visually as your best, how do you expect to be seen and attract high-quality clients?

Truth bomb: Strategic brand photography makes the difference in enhancing your brand using high-quality images that have a purpose.


Say goodbye to randomly choosing photos you think may get the most likes on social media or fill up space on your website to strategically curated photos that showcase the real you and what you do best captured by an intentional brand photographer.

Whether you are the…..

Shot-callin’ CEO...

You deserve to show up on the scene instead of behind it.


As a CEO, with this business thing, you’re not new to this, you’re true to this. You’ve invested so much into building a thriving brand that’s ready to scale and delegating to your "power team" that you’ve forgotten how important it is to display the woman running the show (yes, you).


With custom brand imagery, you can bridge the gaps of being unknown and unseen to familiar and identifiable as the CEO of confidence. 

Hustle ‘n Grind Solopreneur...


You’re main focus has been building the momentum of your business and grinding to new levels.


With all that hustle-work, you struggle to transition from being booked and busy to balanced where you can establish your brand’s visibility in a refreshing and recognizable way with branded photos.


It’s time you leverage your experience as a flourishing solopreneur and put you and your brand on display with purposed brand imagery. 

On-the-rise personal brand

You’re silently pivoting and evolving into a household name and you need the ideal brand imagery to show it.


As you shift, you can begin to, not just be the part, but make sure you look it for your next feature or speaking event.


The perfect branding photos will position you to have clarity in your personal brand and in the way you influence and connect with your tribe. 

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Client 23.jpeg
Client 29.jpeg
CLient 41.jpeg

Hey my girl! I’m Shekeidra!


...And I capture photos that show the real you and put the strategy to work behind the lens so you can show up confidently in front of it. My passion is positioning women, like you, to be daring and have the audacity to own all that you are and how you dominate your zone of genius.


I do this for bold women who are ready to leave their 9 to 5 behind and are eager to thrive on their own terms (just like I did).


Women who bust their butts behind the scenes for their businesses and brands, and values being impactful and transformative by putting the ‘B’ in boss.


But they’re ready to show this and need a little push. Ya know, a girl fan with a camera and strategy in their corner!


I’m your girl and honored to hype you up!

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