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Why You Should Book a Branding Session ,during the Pandemic! | Blanc Studio West | Atlanta Branding

You know we're still in a pandemic right?!

If I'm being honest, when operation sit down,, stay at home was initially implemented, I shut down. I froze up, mentally and physically. As I'm sure it was for most people, ya girl was super overwhelmed.

While I got my much needed rest and was truly grateful to just "be" with my family, I missed my clients, my work and obviously they missed creating content and showing up for their peeps too!

So in case you're wondering if it's cool to just hop back to business as usual, pre COVID, the answer is yes and no!

YES, it's cool to get to business. NO, it's no such thing as back to normal pre 03.12.2020 and that's actually not a bad thing.

Have you been wondering if you should get back into the swing of things during a pandemic... here's my thoughts!

The Pivot, New Niche, New Clients

In case you haven't left home since 03.12.20, people are outside! Things have changed, changed. To go orders are the new dine in, online school is in and people are actually holding whole family reunions on zoom and doctors are seeing patients in chat rooms. Things have changed which has changed businesses to pivot and even venture into a new niche. This means new clients which in turn mean new content and images for you to show up for problems that still need to be solved. This is an ideal time to show up as the expert in your field, kill it boo!

The show goes on

One thing I realized, people are still spending money and more of it pre COVID if I'm being honest. People want to feel a sense of normalcy, whatever that looks like. The uncertainty of what's to come of the pandemic has either frozen some or thrust the ambition of others. It all boils down to how are you going to handle what is happening to you.While some ships have docked, others are setting to sail. Get on the boat boo!

Screen Time is UP!

What a great time to be in front of someone who is normally wrapped up in their life and work. Everyone is either on their phone, computer or both. So you'd defiantly want to get start with bringing branding awareness to who you are and began building credibility. Gather your stuff and get it out and front of your audience NOW.

New Growth

You can't go into something or through something and don't come out different and this pandemic is no exception. I'm sure you've grown in a mental, physical and or emotional space that can encourage and inspire someone. Your audience needs to see that despite an uncertain time, they too can keep going. Contrary to belief, it's the actual journey that builds character and reveals or best and strongest self.

Outdated Content is so pre COVID

When is the last time you had new photos? Jan, Feb, March 2020, yep you're overdue frfr! I always recommend new images at the least, twice a year. You can't chat summer feels in a trench coat. Show up polished, professional and up to date with the times and the seasons.

Does this sound like you? Need help creating authentic content and leveling up your brand imagery? Schedule a discovery call today so we can get you on the books asap!


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