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Why Monthly Content Sessions are a Must Have | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

It’s two types of people.

One who thinks about things strategically, writes them down, buys the cutest planners and schedules like no tomorrow but rarely accomplishes anything because of the fear of not rocking it out perfectly and then there’s the person who thinks it, plans it a little and EXECUTES it , dealing with any setback and failures as they go!

Which one are you?

I’d had the crazy idea to create monthly content sessions for my clients because they consistently needed ongoing content but it began to get pricey for them and unorganized for me. I slept on it forever because I was first person I described above. I planned everything out, literally but never had the nerve to DO it because I thought it wouldn’t work and that people wouldn’t be interested. WRONG!

Once I got out of my own way and launched the session packages, creatives went bananas…. why? Because they no only loved the idea, but they needed it!

Is a monthly content session for me?

In my experience I’d say an ongoing photo session is for the creative who creates on a consistent basis, because valuable content NEVA EVA gets old and people need to connect with more than “just words”She’s the blogger, the lifestyle fashion expert, the photographer, the product based business owner, the social media manager, the etiquette coach. She’s anyone with a business that is the face of the business or needs a library of imagery to be ready to roll out at any moment.

So WHY do you really need Monthly Creation Sessions?

Batch Content

This is the top benefit if I must say so myself because I am all about maximizing time. You can batch plan and in turn create a batch of content to be used for weeks and even months to come.

Buy Time

As if I don’t rant about maximizing time enough, with monthly creation sessions you actually buy more time to focus on more valuable things to share, teach and inspire your audience. You would already have the visual part out of the way and ready!

Planning in Advance

If you have do everything at the last minute, you have a time management issue and this is one way to start getting 1% better at it. Plan content out by topics, seasons, trends, events. The sooner you start planning, the more content you’ll have drafted and ready to go!

Stored photos for future use, recycle photos

Sometimes life happens but content must still be shared. When you have stored images you are good and don’t have that to worry about. Even when you have “used or posted” images in a certain look, guess what you can use these images again! Perhaps from a photographed from a different angle or location. Imagery is everything however it’s the content that accompanies it that trumps everything!

Consistent aesthetic

A consistent color scheme, tone of posts and captions sets you apart. It allows for your images to be recognized even when they aren’t grouped in a grid.

Establishes relationship with same photographer

When you use different photographers, you may run into different editing styles, one photographer captures you this way, another captures you the opposite. When you build with one to no more than two photographers it builds a relationship among the two of you and they are adjusting to YOU. This is in turn beneficial because each time your vision, the way you move and the style you need to accomplish is more familiar and easier each time you shoot!

Establishes trust from your audience

When people began to trust you, they trust what you are saying, how you present yourself, your references. You are pretty much not only building relationships, you are are an influencer. This means that when they see you being consistent, you inspire them to be consistent. When you are investing, you inspire them to invest. When you are being what you talk about, this in turn inspires a ripple effect.

What if you don’t need content monthly but often?

It’s important to be clear on what content you have planned ahead of time because this will gauge if you need to shoot more or even less. Keep in mind the less you shoot the more you will have to plan to batch content to have enough until your next scheduled shoot, so plan accordingly!


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