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Why a Selfie Won't Do | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I get it…… it’s nothing like a good selfie and especially when that light hits you right!

I get it…… it’s nothing like a good selfie and especially when that light hits you right!

However there are a few reasons why a selfie just won’t get the job done!

I feel you rolling your eyes at me, but give me a few minutes to explain….. let’s go!

1. you need high quality professional images

This especially reigns true for head shots. It’s nothing more that screams, “do not pass GO or collet $200!” louder than when a selfie is used as a Linkden profile.

I can just hear your future opportunity saying, “that’s a NO for me!”

2. Selfies have their purpose

Everything has a time and definitely a place for them and the same goes for selfies! I’m cool on a selfie, don’t get me wrong but they should be reserved for the car rides ( or rather when the car is parked) and in the mirror with clean bathrooms and tidied rooms in the background.

3. Ineffectively shows your professionalism and who YOU are

Most selfies are plastered with filters and false illustrations of who you are not. How would you feel if someone sent you an image of one side and showed up a totally different side. You feel it, don’t do it!

4. Selfies scream too personal!

iPhone's and Snapchat have come a long way but nothing compares to the real deal.

5. People invest in people who invest in themselves

The real value isn’t in the money you spend. When you book a professional, you aren’t spending money, you are investing it, and the best place to invest money is in yourself. It’s proven that if you are willing to invest in yourself, others will be willing to invest in you. Facts.

So let’s leave the cell phone selfies to getting that cute picture before you head into your professional photo session, see you there!

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