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8 Shots That Should be at the top of your shot list | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

You have taken the BIG jump and booked your branding session, AYYYEEEE! Now what? What are the next steps to ensure this session is tailored just for you?

I like to call this phase the planning phase.

During the planning phase you and your photographer are getting extreme clarity on what images will tell your story, will speak your message to your client and will flow seamlessly with everything that is associated with your business and personal brand.

It may seem minute and up until now you probably haven’t noticed how small details make such a big difference.

There are a variety of images your photographer will capture but it’s the must have shots you want to ensure are captured for specific content you WILL need them for. This could be for your website’s about me page, blog posts, Facebook banners, newsletters, etc.

I’ve listed 8 shots that I more than likely capture for any client no matter the business. These shots tell the story. They not only show your face but they tell your audience you are present and vested in your business, they say you are intentional and you are hands on.

  1. The Creative Process( Prep)

One of my favorite and most passionate ways to capture a branding session is to capture the actual creative process. let your audience into what and how you do what you do. How do you prepare your work? How do you actually come up with the ideas for a recipe or stay organized, show it!

2. The Classic Laptop

Be sure to bring your laptop along for the ride. This day in age, we are most likely on the laptop researching, creating, chatting , emailing, working… it’s our staple.

3. Working with Clients This is ideal because it actually allows potential clients to envision themselves in your clients shoes. It shows the actual experience and you behind the scenes. It puts a face with a name and a name with the actual finished product.

4. The Creation Process- -this is actually when you are in your zone creating, bringing everything together

5. The Classic Headshot

traditional and natural/candid portrait of you waist up

6. Overhead of You and Workstation

7. The Human Element

Incorporate the human element into the photo. Showing you working on an actual product or providing the service.

8. Finished Products

flatlays, used for stock photos, social media, marketing materials


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