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Say "Girl Bye" to boring headshots | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

You need head shots, huh? Of course, you do!

You are the brand, you are the boss!

It's one problem though, you get downright nervous in front of the camera. I mean hives, nails biting and 16 thousand blank trips to the restroom.

I know, I know.. but chill, relax and know, I got you!

I'm giving you my 2 cents on how to prep for your head shot session.. like 1-2-3!

Try on your looks

Keep your brand and the personality you are desiring to convey in mind! You need to feel good about the looks you are in. You need to feel confident and comfortable. What you feel and (don't) feel shows up on camera and it's no photoshopping real feelings!

Keep it simple

It's a photoshoot ,I get it, however, don't go getting all busy with patterns and such unless that's your brand and your "jam". Another thing, if you don't normally wear heels and huge hoop earrings, don't let this be your first trial run with it. Stick to what you are comfortable with.

Makeup ain't never hurt nobody

I love when clients go that "extra mile". I call it self care. I believe a touch of enhancement can leave you feeling one version plus of your best self.

Keep your brand in mind at all times

You want as less cleavage and bare bottom showing as possible. Keep it professional (unless that's what your brand calls for).

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Girllll, water is the root of all beauty. You can buy all the best makeup and eye lash volumizer, nothing trumps clear skin as the simple and most guaranteed result sans water intake. Be sure to hydrate as much as possible, your skin will glow effortlessly... thank me later!

Have Fun!

Ok, ok, ok yes it's about the brand and all that jazz but it's worth nothing if you don't have fun doing what you love. Loosen up, relax and have a good time. Allow your photographer to capture you in that element , you'll be glad she did!


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