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Choosing the Best Photos After You've Rocked Out Your Session | Atlanta Branding Photographer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

“Omg these photos are amazing, how do i choose?”


"These photos are not even me, how did you do this and how can i choose?”


"I love every last photo, you choose!”


First things first, I have THE best clients and when you put us together we create greatness!

So the most asked question is always, how did you get all these amazing images and how am I suppose to choose?

I’m so glad you asked…….

First things first after you’ve gotten over how BOMB you rocked this session….

Let’s consider a few things:

What images best fit your content plan?

Keep the purpose of going into the shoot in mind. Of course you love how cute you look when your photographer captured you dancing to Beyonce but let’s be real, that’s not the image you want to show your clients! Stick to the script.

What angles are the best for the content you have planned.

If you are using images for social media, you’ll want to lean towards to best images for the square format. If you need images for website banners, you’ll want to choose landscape photographed images.

Just how many images do you need for website, social media, etc?

This is a good rule of thumb to consider before you even book your photographer because some photographers include all images, some edits, or retouches or even a limited amount of final images.

If you know you’ll need a certain amount of content for lets say 3 months, you’ll need a good number of images vs just a few for a LinkedIn profile.

Select images based on different looks and locations to provide variety to your portfolio and feed.

People get bored. They NEED variety and need different all the time and will move on if you don’t understand that. Avoid choosing images that show the same look, background and even poses. Show a mix of who you are, what you about and what you bring of value.

Images based on mood and captions

“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic” – Seth Godin

Choose your with your audience in mind. How will your visuals and captions impact and inspire them. It’s ultimately not about what you can give but how you can make them feel.

Put your best face forward, choose images that show you in your best light and highlight your personality best!

If you are fun and always have a smile on your face, show that, be just that! Don’t shy away from your true self. The more comfortable and confident you are in yourself, the more people trust you, the more valuable you are. True Story!


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