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Do You Have What it Takes to Rock Out a 30 Min Session? | Westside Provisions | Atlanta Branding Pho

Listen….most of us don’t hop in front of the camera and kill it with little to no effort.. we honestly don’t wake up like that!

However, if you are all about your time, business and money… you show up and make it do what it does honey!

I created monthly content sessions for my BOSSY clients who value time over everything! They understand that it doesn’t take all day to do anything, especially if you’re doing it right and with the right attitude!

I had the ultimate client, Kahla to roll up and show you how to knock and rock out a session within 30 minutes with 2 looks….. here’s how!

1. Choose a location with diversity and variety

This location would be what I would call “multi -use “, “multi-functional”. It would include a variety of backdrops and scenes that would compliment your aesthetic without having to jump in the car to change the scenery. Ponce City Market, Westside Provisions and Shops of Buckhead are a few of my favorites. They have an array of different textures, colors, restaurants and “mini setups” that allow you to have one photo session, with multiple looks in one location with the appearance that you have shot multiple places. Also keep in mind with a multi use location the changing locations. A pop up tent may be useful.

2. Wear versatile bottoms

Wearing versatile bottoms allows for you to maximize time without going to completely change with each look. Some shots may be focused moreso on the different top or accessories and details so your bottoms won’t even matter.

3.Bring multiple , easy to change into tops without the bathroom change hassle

The more options the better. You’d much rather have more than less ad since were already here and you have the option for unlimited looks, go for the gusto. This is an advantage in having more content. With different tops, same bottoms, different accessories you have a completely different look.

4. Rock an easy hair do that you can change quick with your different looks

Changing your hair from completely down to a top knot. Switching from a hat to a head wrap. Braided to one side to a french braid. Doing a quick hair switch can do wonders.

5. Move quick, but with grace

If you are aiming to rock your session out in under a record amount of time, you must come with the quickness, literally. However keep it graceful and your content in mind. Avoid trying to hurry and get the shot so you can switch looks. You should have shared your content plans for this shoot with your photographer so that they can have a visual clarity of what kinds of shots and even the amount of shots to achieve to keep the shoot moving along quickly!

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