Stay Ready!


“Stay ready so you won't have to get ready!”

We've all heard the saying.

I had too, heard it all too well, however it didn't resonate until it actually showed me what happens when I'm not ready. 

I once had a prospective client FIRE me before I was officially hired, all because I wasn't ready. The client inquired about my services for her upcoming birthday session. She said she loved my work and want ME to capture her! I was excited. I told her I'd get her a custom quote to her within a few days. A few days passed and life happened. I didn't prioritize the quote and the client reached back out. I apologized and promised to get the quote to her immediately ( still not ready). She immediately fired back, and stated that she didn't want to move forward because if I was this slow in getting a quote, who knew how long it would take with me getting her images back! I wanted to plead my case, but there wasn't one.  I was fired before I was even hired! I apologized once again and thanked her for inquiring and her patience. 

I took that situation and immediately went on to revise all of my systems. I updated contracts, brochures and quotes so that I would be ready when a client was ready. 

Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you aren't ready. Don't feel bad or take the criticism negatively. Learn, grow and thrive far from it. 

Stay ready so you won't have to get ready and mean it!

Shekeidra Booker