5 Tips to Amp Up Your Flatlay Game


So.... ummm. what is a flat lay?

A flat lay is an intentional image composed of props to tell a story, shot lying flat with your camera shooting downward.

Things and times have progressed from the normal flat white board plus a few props. Flat lays don’t have to be limited to just lying down. I’d like to think that the angle and composition can vary as long as a story is told and received accordingly.

Flatlays are fun and essential for fillers or straight up creative content for your website,blogs and social media.

I'm sharing a few quick tips to amp up your flatlay game!


Your theme is whatever you want it to be! Let's talk travel, hair products, blogging, favorite food.. your theme can go on for days!


This is my favorite part! Your props can be as easy as some items sitting around your home or even in your purse. Styling for a travel theme, grab your passport, some stamps and some cute +sunglasses! Don't over stress this part...grab a fun magazine, your iPhone and some lipstick and goo! make it fun!


I believe in keeping things simple to not take away from the actual theme or props so I typically use a plain white foam board. You can snag this sweet baby for ONE DOLLA! It's cheap, easy to use and the best reflector.  However if you can always add some texture by shooting on your bed, a nice rug or purchasing a piece of tile from your local hardware store.


This is probbbbb the most important ingredient. The lighting is everything and can make or break an image. Situate your setup near the best lit window on a flat surface or on the floor with your home door open. On an overcast day, you can even bring your setup outdoors.


I love Lightroom! You can download the mobile version straight to your phone. If captured correctly with the right light and composition, you don't need much editing. Just a tad sharpening, contrast, maybe and some saturation. If you risky, play around with the shadows and exposure.  You can also achieve great post edit results with a few fun apps right in your Iphone(I’ll blog about that soon!)

Now go grab up some of your fav items and shoot your shot!